Full-Service Creative

Some clients have a clear vision, while others need a little help getting there. Most production companies only shoot and edit. We do everything including high-level creative work (concept development, script writing), and vital pre-production logistics (casting actors, location scouting).

Turnkey Production

  • Full HD/4K Video Shooting
  • Editing/Post Production
  • Concept Development/Writing
  • Casting/Production Planning
  • Motion Graphics/Color Grading
  • Full Location Lighting/Sound
  • Voice Over and Music Sourcing

We Shoot

  • Commercial & Industrial Video
  • Startup Explainer Videos
  • Product Marketing Videos
  • Interviews/Testimonials
  • Broadcast Packages
  • Crowdfunding Videos
  • Social Media Content
  • Ethnographic Market Research

A customized experience

No two productions are the same. Each shoot provides challenges unique to realizing its vision. Crew, gear and budget requirements vary wildly. Whether it’s a one day shoot in your office, or 2-week shoot spanning 3 continents, BETA will work with you to help design the optimal production that meets all your needs.


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San Francisco, CA
United States of America